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Review from Amanda    Reviewed 11 Apr 2023

“I’m delighted with the outcome”
“I attended Mountain View Clinic for pain after vein surgery. Three sessions in and the pain have lessened considerably. I’m delighted with the outcome. At all times I felt comfortable having the treatment. I would highly recommend this clinic.”

Treatment Received:  Consultation and Acupuncture

Sarah Murphy

24.11.2022 I got acupuncture for Sinus pain and electro-acupuncture and infrared lamp for back pain. I found the treatment very effective and relaxing. Dermot is very personable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for medication free pain relief.

Christina Byrne

Mountainview Clinic gets a 5 star rating from me. Since I started acupuncture sessions, my diet has improved, energy levels have increased and the dizzy headaches I used to get have virtually disappeared. I feel my mood is so much lighter, my overall well being has dramatically improved. Dermot is so welcoming, as soon as I met him I was... Read more »

Martin Staunton

Attended with acute sinusitis and underlying stomach problems. Received some great advice around my diet and the acupuncture treatment relieved my strong symptoms. Feeling better than I have in years and continue to attend. Highly recommended.
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